Blog Post 10 – Bennett

Hey, my name is Bennett and I’m working as part of the Art and Marketing teams for The Hierophant. 

In my spare time, I enjoy shooting film photos, creating video/animations and making music. Lucky for me, I found positions amongst the teams where I could use the skills I have acquired from my daily hobbies to help make a game.

My role on the Art team has primarily been as the lead card animator… actually the only card animator. One of the key components of The Hierophant game is the Tarot cards. Early on in the pre-production of the game, I thought adding some extra JUICINESS to the cards by animating them could be interesting and give them our own personalized vibe. Over the past few months, after the Tarot cards have been sketched and coloured they have been handed off to me to animate. The idea was to add movement to the cards through subtle animations so that when the player hovers their cursor above the card it would come to life. Up until working on The Hierophant, my only experience in animation was in programs like Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. Originally, I began animating the Tarot deck in After Effects but soon found out that our game engine Unity wasn’t a big fan of MP4 files. I was told that to optimize in-game rendering I would have to use Unity’s built-in animator feature. At first, switching animation programs was a bit of a challenge but it didn’t take long to transfer my skills over to Unity. 

In the last couple of weeks, I have been focused on finishing up the animations for the deck of cards, and I am pleased to say now that I have finished this task and quite happy with the results. Now, with a big portion of the game’s animations behind me, I will have time to create more content for The Hierophant’s social media campaign. Overall, I am looking forward to seeing our final result and am glad that I got to input some of my own creativity and hard work.


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